About Us

Who we are

Now entering its 16th year, CFT is increasingly recognized as a leading teaching theatre in the state.  From the beginner to the more advanced performer, there is something for everyone at CFT.   Not only is CFT a place where children can learn about theatre but it is a place where children and their families experience an environment where they are welcomed, accepted for who they are and, most of all, they are family.  At CFT we take pride in the fact that so many of our students remain with us throughout their elementary, middle and high school years.  Our older, experienced students, who, just a few years ago, walked on stage for the very first time, are now wonderful role models and mentors to our newer students, now taking their first steps.

Many students have taken what they have learned at CFT and have gone on to perform in commercials, in film and even on Broadway.  Many have also gone or are going on to study their craft at prestigious universities throughout the country and abroad.  Many student alumni have returned to CFT to give back and share their knowledge as instructors themselves.

We are proud and we are humbled, knowing that we inspire our students to challenge themselves, to take risks, to become teachers and, most of all, to follow their passion. We strongly believe that, whether our students choose to pursue careers in the performing arts or not, the skills they gain – teamwork, leadership, commitment, public speaking, self-expression, creative thinking, to name just a few, are valuable in any endeavor and will last a lifetime6

Our Mission

The Connecticut Family Theatre, Inc. has been established with the mission to provide theatre education and performance opportunities to children of all ages and abilities in a safe, familiar, non-competitive atmosphere.  It is our aim to provide an environment that promotes creativity, nurtures the imagination and builds confidence.  We welcome and encourage family members and local artists to lend their knowledge, experience and talents in our quest to cultivate a community, a true family theatre.

Our Board of Directors

Steven Mountzoures, President
Lori Solak, Managing Artistic Director 
Kerry Ladouceur


Classes & Events